Rex Foster has developed a unique art form independent of other mainstream jewelers.  He has,  however,  borrowed from the ancients.  Bones were probably the first amulets and extra attire of humans in their evolution down from the trees and out of the caves.  It  is a very special way of connecting with the “Great Mystery”.  It is also one of the softest and most beautiful materials available.  Rex feels he is merely, through his simple design eye, fixing these pieces so we can carry them around with us before they go back to dust, as we all ultimately must.  He retains reverence for life while appreciating the beauty of bones.

Hi Everyone,


You are most likely here because we have met at a concert or at a jewelry show.  So, hello again, and thanks for visiting!


I have been in the performing arts and the songwriting world for all of my adult life. In about 1972, between tours, I began to create jewelry with bones I would pick up from the pastures around my home in Comfort, Texas.


In the years since, I have been creating designs using materials such as ancient walrus & woolly mammoth tusks, horn and bone with the occasional unique wood thrown in.

So, enjoy.